The birth of AUPU originated from a warm story

In 1993, a father invented the first bathroom heater in China for his daughter did not feel cold any more when she took bathing. He was a craftsman and invented the first Bathroom Heater in China. Since then, a little love has converged into a great love, and AUPU Bathroom Heater has changed the bath way for thousands of years.

AUPU has always adhered to the concept of “design for love" and let more high-quality products enter thousands of households. Over the past 25 years, it has successively won many honors, such as China's well-known trademark, Zhejiang province well-known trademark title, and the most trusted brand of consumers. It has also won the title of China's Top 500 Brands for 11 consecutive years, and has become the national standard-setting team leader unit for the Bathroom Heater industry and the integrated ceiling industry.

From warm to healthy, AUPU started from bathroom heating and now covers a wide range of products in the whole house. AUPU focuses on top integration, which not only realizing personalized style in designs, but also assisting with functional appliances with excellent performance to provide consumers with a perfect overall solution for the top space of the house.

In the future, AUPU will continue to adhere to the initial concept of “creating products for families" and adhere to the brand concept of” Design for love" to create warmth, health and beauty for each family and strive to become the leader of electrical appliance manufacturers.

Manufacturing facilities

AUPU products have been covered a variety of categories, with four production facilities in Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Chengdu and Zhongshan, with a total plant area of three hundred thousand square meters. AUPU perfect sales system and service system have already extended to 794 large, medium and small cities in the country, with nearly 15,000 effective outlets


Production Facility


Total plant area

30 million

Total plant area

Design Institution

Design is the lifeblood of AUPU. They are a team of 100 creative design engineers, half of them are Phd or Master degree. The engineers bring the wealth experiences to AUPU and take more creative deisigns to AUPU today and tomorrow.


High-tech Talents


National Patents

National Laboratory

CNAS Approved Test lab, with Noise test, Airflow test, Aging test, RoHS part test, Constant temperature and Humidity test, Light source test, Safty test, Salt spray test and Packaging and Transportation test. AUPU test report can be used as a third-party approved test report.


History of AUPU

Over the past 25 years AUPU has never stopped its painstaking research and development.

Licenses and certificates

AUPU has conducted research and development experiments in various dimensions and directions, including scientific and technological innovation, intelligent application and material innovation, and has won more than 400 national patents.

ISO system





HVI Member







Bathroom Heater Invention Patent

Bathroom Heater Invention Patent

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